Founded by Anne Woody in 2013, Oklahoma Real Estate Education is an Oklahoma City based Real Estate School designed to deliver quality online real estate education in Oklahoma. As an affiliate of Van Education Center (VanEd), we set out to be a leader in online Real Estate Education in Oklahoma. ​Our real estate school can help you through the real estate license application process from the start until you obtain your real estate license.​

History & Vision: Anne Woody

​The Early Years

​Looking back on my 39 years at the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission, I am thankful for my experiences beginning as a typist-clerk though my last day served as the Executive Director.

​I started in the real estate industry in 1973 just after graduating from high school.  Never imagining I would stay in one place for my entire career. My work days were filled with interesting projects and opportunities to assist the public and real estate licensees, which I came to enjoy.

Recent Times

​After retiring in 2013, the desire to assist licensees continued. I really didn't see myself as an educator at the Commission, but it turns out that is what I spent a majority of my time doing. Developing online coursework seemed to come naturally and several months after retirement I founded a Real Estate School, BAAHS.com.  The acronym BAAHS was chosen for our family initials.

​Writing coursework is one thing, but providing a delivery platform for online coursework is another. So I partnered with Van Education Center (VanEd) out of Boulder, Colorado after reviewing their delivery platform and quality of service.

​VanEd is a national education provider in multiple states, including Oklahoma. VanEd provides the delivery platform for my real estate school and I write the Oklahoma specific course material as a VanEd approved online real estate instructor for Oklahoma.

​I take pride in creating relevant and quality courses, interacting with students online through quizzes/exercises and answering their questions.

​A New Era

​It became apparent to me that the name BAAHS.com had more significance to me than to my students and the public.  Therefore, a decision was made in 2017 to revise the schools' name to something that better encompasses the services I provide, "Oklahoma Real Estate Education".


​I look forward to assisting students to begin a new career in real estate and keeping licensees informed of relevant changes in the industry.  Most of all I​'m excited to provide students with education and online support throughout their coursework!

Launch Your Real Estate Career

We provide ​an efficient and convenient way for you to complete your real estate education online. Not only does this save you time and money, but we strive to deliver relevant and accurate content to support you in complying with the laws and regulations ​of the real estate profession. Best of all, you can complete all of your courses ​at your convenience.

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