Oklahoma Real Estate License

Oklahoma Real Estate License

​​​​​​​​​​​www.BAAHS.com is an Oklahoma licensed real estate school that offers quality pre-license education for persons wanting to obtain an Oklahoma real estate license and provides post-license and continuing education for real estate licensees who are required to take education for up-coming license renewals.

Our courses are available on-line and we provide you a certified distance education instructor who is available to answer your questions or discuss topics if you need further clarification.

Our goal is to provide quality content that is delivered in a manner that will assist you in learning the subject matter to either pass the Oklahoma real estate license examination or renew your real estate license.

If you are interested in obtaining an Oklahoma real estate license or need the provisional sales associate post-license course or continuing education for an upcoming license renewal, please contact Anne M. Woody at (405) 245-8896 and I would be happy to discuss the courses we offer and our easy payment plans for pre-license education.

You may also go to our website at www.baahs.com and locate the courses and promotions we have available.

  • October 28, 2015
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